We Love Subversive Expos!

I took a small break due to being busy at Christmastime, and I hope it was a good holiday for all…I actually have a big set of “Christmas shopping in manteau style” photos to post (as opposed to the typical 1 or 2 photos), which I will be doing very soon. For now, I have a cool exclusive set of 3 photos from a clothing expo somewhere in Tehran that was supposed to demonstrate government-approved “body-covering” clothing….but was infiltrated by some bad-ass subversive manteau style!

Just the sight of draped scarves gets the blurrer tool out- they can’t take our coolness! One of the coats is red with darker cuffs while the other is unclear (possibly checkered). I do like the colorful green, yellow, and beige tunics behind the women, but it’s hard to see all the detailing.


I love all the little details that make this simple “black coat and turquoise scarf” outfit so cool (and worthy of blurring by the haters…believe me, everything they blur is awesome). These details include the glossy navy blue nail polish, the dark hair flowing out of the scarf, and the huge green stone on her ring. I also love the beige trench coat with gold buttons and the black trench coat with Burberry plaid lining behind the woman….but not so much that strange pink tunic.


I am not sure what’s wrong with this super-postmodern grey manteau with a huge green and orange rhinestone-decorated skull on the back. Skulls are a very popular motif in fashion recently, mostly seen on scarves, such as this one, but as can be seen in the famous Tehran Times Tumblr, skull print coats are quite big too. It is quite ridiculous that someone who obsesses with mourning festivals can be offended by a simple, very artistic skull on the back of a coat! Personally, I have one skull-print scarf myself, but I do not have skull-print clothes, as to me, it’s more of a punk-rock/goth statement.



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