Christmas Shopping in Various Manteau Styles

Well, here it is, as promised…the huge Christmas shopping photo set.

I thought this beautiful beige coat was a poncho at first, worn over a sweater with a gorgeous black and white star-print scarf (I don’t have a scarf like this, but I do have a top like this)…


…but it’s actually a short manteau with huge dolman sleeves, which looks great with skinny jeans and short boots.


..and how can you not have a post without the famous Burberry-pattern scarf (here worn with a beige coat and jeans)? You can’t! 🙂


Here, the patterned scarf covers most of the black coat, but I do love the Ugg-style boots with some of the fur lining outside.


A perfect Christmas color here – green coat with a huge shawl collar, worn with blue jeans and shoes and a snood tucked into the collar, (which, of course, pulls it back to show hair, along with the sunglasses on the head..genius!).


I love this beautiful blond woman’s blue coat with a knit collar and black quilted tall boots- so stylish!


Even the dress manteau makes an appearance, in brown plaid, with a beige jacket over it and black leggings and brown short boots under it. Nice to see that this item is still out there.


Finally, it’s always nice to take a picture of a Christmas tree, especially in a festive red trench coat worn with a red chain-print silk scarf tied under he chin and pushed back and black high-heel boots with some chain decorations!


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