Blue Manteau With Flowery Inserts at Winter Festival

I am still posting photos from 2014, since I have not yet seen any new 2015 photos (sometimes, I find them on the first day of a new year, and sometimes, it takes a week or so…). This one comes from some kind of winter fun festival held at one of the North tehran mountain resorts. This dark blue manteau has some cool flower-printed inserts on the collar and sleeves and is worn with black pants and a pushed-back snood. I am quite amazed that a simple coat like this can be worn by itself in a snowy, mountainous environment- either she’s got a lot of layers underneath it (I can see a long-sleeved black top, but it looks thin..perhaps, there are more tops under that one) or this coat is actually lined and is very warm (it looks like a regular tunic from the photo).


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