Playing Foosball in Manteaus

When I was in the 8th grade or so, my school had a Foosball table where we (both boys and girls, by the way) liked to play at lunch time…so it was pretty remarkable for me to see not one but TWO photos already this year involving Foosball and manteaus (albeit in a park)!

First, here’s a photo from about a week ago. Unfortunately, the outfits are not very visible here, which is why I didn’t want to post it at first. I think one is a grey coat, and the other is a white parka with a furry hood.

Daily Life in Iran

In this photo, the outfits are typical student ones (black and brown coats with black snoods pushed back) and of course, there is even the “jacket over coat” combination (in a nice shade of blush pink). I love to see young people defying oppression and having fun, and these photos are a wonderful proof of this!



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