Black Parka Coats with Blue Scarves

It’s strange, but these outfits were worn by different people several days apart..and it’s basically the same combination- a black puffy “parka manteau”, skinny pants (or leggings?), and a blue draped scarf. The only difference is the location and the choice of shoes!

The outfit below apparently comes the recently constructed and very upscale Kourosh Mall, which is, unlike most of the malls shown here, located in downtown Tehran rather than North. Not sure if she is wearing skinny jeans or leggings, but the short black boots look awesome!


Here’s a shot of the interior of the mall to give you a sense of the luxury.


This outfit comes from a nature photo exhibition, and although the pic is a bit blurry, the only difference here is that shoes, rather than boots, are worn with the outfit!



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