Plaid Scarves and Snoods at Children’s Toy Expo

These two photos from a children’s toy fair truly affirm that the plaid Burberry pattern is still going strong in manteau style…sometimes in the most unusual ways! Below is a more typical way of wearing this pattern, in the form of a scarf – here it is worn on the neck with a black snood pushed up and back (and a white manteau with black pants and shoes)…


…while, here, the typical expo uniform (coat + snood) are actually decorated with Burberry pattern patches- the snood has a plaid panel in the front (which does not cover any hair) and a plaid ribbon tied in a bow that is sewn onto the neck part of the snood..while the black coat has matching cuffs. I have seen similar expo uniforms with bows before (here’s one example), but never before have I seen one with this pattern. I love how commonplace it has become, and its British origins send a very strong and clear message!


P.S. Anyone else think the little girl is herself a future fashion icon with that pink dress and huge ring?


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