Blue Manteau With a Star Tattoo

I remember when I posted this article, I could only find one photo of a girl in manteau style with a temporary henna tattoo to illustrate it….well, times are changing, and now I have found a photo of a girl…in manteau style…with a real tattoo showing! Granted, the tattoo is very small (3 little stars on her arm), but it’s inconspicuous and non-obtrusive, which many tattoos unfortunately aren’t. The girl’s style could be called a bit punk rock (with her hair cut short, tinted slightly purple, and shaved into stripes on one side of her head…and, of course, the star tattoo) and a bit classical Northern style (black scarf draped low to show the hairstyle, blue manteau worn unbuttoned, heavy lipstick, and, of course, the shaved off and tattooed eyebrows!). Since the two styles go perfectly together and both have a rebellious meaning, the outfit is phenomenal.



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