Winter Sand Storm Style

Usually, when you see photos of people with dust masks on here, it’s because of smog…but in the case below, they are protecting them from an actual sand storm! Unlike in this post from last year though, these photos are not from Tehran but rather from the Southern city of Ahvaz, which experiences these storms regularly and which shows that even a smaller city (well, relatively…it still has over a million people) can hold its own in manteau styles…

..Just check out this lovely green coat with gold stud detailing on the shoulders, worn with faded jeans, turquoise flats (and matching bag), and a yellow patterned scarf tied low…with a dust mask of course.


Strangely enough, this girl also matches her bag to her clothes, albeit this time, in beautiful mint green! I actually have mint green pants myself, so I really like this look. The manteau is black and white with some polka-dot-like patterns and is worn with a snood (pushed back) and a dust mask.


And if there is no dust mask available to protect oneself from the sand, then you can improvise by flipping a snood up!



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