Walking Around…in Different Styles

This is one of those random posts where I just throw in a bunch of photos of girls walking in different manteau style outfits….enjoy!

Here’s a beige manteau with jeans, red sneakers, and a pinkish-purple ombre scarf…quite cool..


..and here’s a beautiful leather coat with a furry collar (the first one of two in this post!). I wish I could tell what color the pants and boots are- it seems like there is some shadow falling on them….


Here are some parkas worn over manteaus- closed on the left, open over a blue belted manteau (I have a much-beloved tunic like this) on the right. I really like the brown pants tucked into the black boots on the left- very cool urban feel to this!


This bright orange manteau is worn with a rather loose snood (probably one size bigger) to show off lots of hair…interesting bag pattern as well- I see this one on scarves more!


This one is from that children’s toys expo I posted the plaid scarves from earlier…interesting concept- black manteau with bright red patterns ion the shoulders (but only on the shoulders) paired with a black snood and green shoes.


Here’s the second leather coat with fur collar of the post..I really like this all-brown outfit! The navy coat is nice too- classic and a nice contrast to the bright colorful scarf.


Finally, here’s a navy parka coat worn with leggings, a black scarf showing off blond hair, big shades, and an MP3 player..love it!



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