Crackdown in February?

Hard to believe it, right? Usually, they begin in the spring and continue through the summer only to die down in fall/winter (once, there was a winter crackdown when the “pants tucked into boots” look first appeared, but even that did not happen again..)…but no, sadly, this crackdown is true. This one was targeting people attending an artistic and international (!!!) film festival- yes, it really happened….so, I had to make a few banners. Anyone who behaves in such a way towards women dressing the way they wish to and allows it to be disseminated to the whole world easily deserves to be ridiculed, and everyone whom they attempted to humiliate is being praised here- so their plan FAILED, as usual!


This is Milad Tower behind her, by the way…..heart of the North.


The hypocrisy of this photo just incensed me! I guess bright colors and luxurious items are only bad when they are on those who oppose your regime rather than lick its boots slavishly!


That polka dot trench coat is awesome, by the way!


And of course, I have to show green love….




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