Dust Masks Galore….

A couple weeks ago, I posted a set of some sandstorm-related styles with dust masks…well, now I have an even bigger set (also from Ahvaz)….all I have to say is that sand storms look quite scary, and, for a smaller and supposedly more “uptight” city, the styles are on par with all the big city ones!

So what are they wearing with the dust masks? Well, here is a beige coat with beige flats and black pants and snood..looks nice…


…or an all-black ensemble (although maybe the jeans are very dark blue)- only the laces on the sneakers are bright pink….


…or this beautiful yellow manteau with a black long-sleeve top underneath and gorgeous leopard ombre scarf draped low to show off lovely hair…


….or, in a city with very hot, desert-like environment around it, a furry-collared jacket over a coat, believe it or not (although perhaps, it’s cold there at nights, like in many deserts)….plus plaid manteau and black snood sitting over a hair decoration that raises the hair up into a tall cone.


..or this interesting ensemble- black short-sleeve sweater over a red long-sleeve tunic (with black pants and snood)…not sure if this look always works but at least, it’s different.


This black embroidered tunic is like a longer version of the short tunic I have from the Metropolitan Museum! … and it looks great with the black pants, beige flats, and pushed back snood…


Another beige and black combination, with the snood even pushed back by a ribbon (I can’t tell what color though)…this beige is of a more blush shade than the one in the first photo.


…and the woman in lovely couple is distinct from all others because she is wearing a brown snood, not black, with a turquoise coat. Interesting color combination- and yes, it does work!



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