Flying Over Fire

Hard to believe that spring is here, but yes, it is..and fire symbolizes renewal and purification, a chance to revive yourself and become better…and when it is done in amazing styles, it becomes even more meaningful! Hope this spring brings happiness and joy to everyone!

These outfits are almost identical (dark tunic, leggings, and silk scarves tied low), with the exception of different shoes (boots or flats) and the color of the tunic (black or navy blue).


The waterfall beige cardigan over a brown manteau is an awesome style, as its the black, yellow, and white scarf flying in the wind…but there is also a cool outfit in the background, involving a brown coat with a furry collar and yellow leggings (a rare color for leggings, for sure).


This outfit is beautiful – beige coat, black leggings, tall brown leather boots, and matching knit scarf showing off hair- but so is the happy expression on the girl’s face..and I absolutely love that luxurious door with the bronze decorations.


And even though people always disparage “denim on denim” outfits, I think this one looks awesome- denim manteau with jeans, red flat shoes, and a blue hair ribbon pushing back a pink Burberry plaid scarf, and once again, a very happy face!



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