Book Fair Fashions Galore

Book fairs bring out a plethora of beautiful manteau styles, and this year is not an exception. Here’s a small preview (there are more to come!).

This color combination is unique for sure….purple coat, turquoise pants, and dark blue canvas shoes (at least, the scarf is black – had it been multicolored, the outfit would have been way too bright. I think dark purple and mint looks nice together though, and I have combined my purple coat with mint green pants and turquoise shoes for a more subdued version of this outfit..and it looked quite good. Also check out the dark blue tunic (or dress manteau?) with the black sweater on top, worn with platform-soled sandals and a light green scarf.


Apparently, you can pose by a cardboard cutout of the Milad Tower at this book fair..and this girl is doing just that in a light blue (possibly denim) coat, jeans, snood, and blue sneakers.


Yet another denim coat + snood combination can be seen here, in one of the women sitting down on the sidelines of the fair. The other woman wears a light brown coat (possibly even dress manteau) with some flowery patterns, black pants, and a white scarf showing hair.


This woman is talking on the phone in a comfortable outfit consisting of a light blue (possibly plaid) manteau with elbow-length sleeves, black pants, gladiator-style sandals (with bright red toenail polish showing), and orange scarf draping low.


Oh no…the dreaded selfie has made it here too! 🙂 I like the black coat with white edging. Worn with the snood pushed back, it looks simple but classic.


The fair is still going on, which means more photos will be coming!

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