Selfie Sticks and Flowers -a Small Flower Expo Gallery

This gallery from a flower expo is truly of its time- half of the photos in this post are of people taking selfies with selfie sticks! It’s also notable for having family shots (of parents and children).

For example, this is definitely a mother and daughter duo taking a selfie with a selfie stick..and they are both beautifully stylish. The lime green coat and scarf on mother are very youthful..and the flower-print tunic on the daughter is perfect for a flower expo!


These 3 women all look gorgeous, but it’s the red patterned manteau that truly strikes my fancy..


…and on a different site, I found a photo of all 3 women in full view…their outfits are great!The red patterned manteau has a wide white hem and white cuffs on the sleeves.


..and here are a dad and daughter posing by a flower display, with the daughter wearing a navy blue sleeveless tunic over a black long-sleeve top, skinny black pants, black flats, and black scarf pushed back to show brown hair. Really nice outfit..and nice to see families enjoying the flowers!



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