Summer 2013 Beautiful Leggings and Manteaus

I think I forgot to post these photos, but now I have found them again….it’s sad that Support Love has gone. I wonder whether they were forcibly closed by some oppressive groups or whether they decided to leave themselves, or if some of their non-leggings-related postings (which contained some non-PG-rated material) got them in trouble with Facebook.

The glare on the store window is annoying, but the beautiful patterned leggings look great – paired with a blue dress manteau and a long red hoodie, they definitely attract attention, as they are supposed to do!


The photo is small, but you can see that both girls are wearing leggings, scarves that show off hair, and manteaus with elbow-length sleeves. Leggings are definitely here to stay!


P.S. I found an Instagram group with many of the photos that were on Support Love. Not sure if it’s run by the same people, but I will check it out!


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