Water Fighting is Going Strong!

It seems like this is a biannual event – there was a very famous water fight in a park in North Tehran in 2011, then a smaller water fight in a park in Karaj, which used to be a Tehran suburb but now is a provincial capital and a huge city in its own right, in 2013 …and now, in 2015, a new water fight, also in Karaj but in a different park! Judging by those water fights, as well as a few other posts on this blog, Karaj is really holding its own in rebellious and democratic manteau style and activities!

The photos are unfortunately very blurry, but it looks as if the water fight went ahead without any arrests or dispersions (and someone out there is not happy about it)…awesome! I think partially it is because this time, there are actually no water guns being used – just water bottles as you can see below. The girl is wearing a typical student outfit (black manteau and snood) is indeed soaked.


An overall view of the water fight..can you see the girl in white printed manteau and leggings on the right?


While another girl in a student outfit is walking off, this photo captures a participant wearing an awesome short flower-print coat, a manteau style classic, skinny black pants, and a fully open scarf!


It’s so awesome to see these events continue to be held, and I hope there will be more photos like this!


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