Checkered Pockets on an Open Manteau

You wouldn’t think that something as innocuous as this would cause some kind of ridiculous frothing-at-mouth reaction, would it? Yet, it did…look at this. A lovely beige tunic with black and white checkered patches over the pockets and on the shoulders- sounds pretty normal, right?


Apparently not to some people, who are upset that the checkered pattern is too much like the famous Arab scarves. Although these scarves are just a traditional and cultural clothing item, some oppressive forces/groups (for example, some Basij groups and their affiliates) use these scarves for their own purposes, and they are upset that a democratic and body-freeing garment is using this pattern. Well, I hope they just look at all the colors of these lovely open coats – so many of them, and they are looking great. I wonder how it makes them feel, and I hope it makes them squirm uncomfortably!


I’ve got news for you- no group “owns” any form of clothing. This mentality makes me sick no matter whom I hear it from. I wear clothing derived from many different cultures, and I mix them all, depending on my mood. Where I live, many people of different origins wear these scarves, and many of them do so to make a fashion statement. Actually, I am sure that some people probably do not like my wearing of glamorous manteau-style tunics, despite my reasoning for it, but if anything, this story simply inspires me to continue wearing them the way I see fit and to enjoy it!

To conclude, look how these beautiful Green Movement girls were using the Arab checkered scarves back in 2009 to show their allegiance to democratic principles – this is pretty amazing, especially the scarf in green!




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