Furniture Expo Styles

Expo season is back…this one is dedicated to various kinds of furniture, and the fashions look great too. This woman is checking out some modern woven chairs for he garden or balcony, and is looking awesome in a white open manteau with a beige patterned insert on the hem. The G print scarf drapes low and is tucked behind the ears to show off lovely red hair.


Haha…classic Northern furniture with its gilded framing is well-represented here….no comment. I do think the blue and white flower-printed satin manteau looks nice, especially with the white pants and wedge sandals- very summery look. The purple paisley scarf clashes a bit though…


This black coat with a white ruffled insert is very interesting..I saw one like this a long time ago,back when there were very few manteau store sites and one of them was selling something similar to this. This is the first time I actually see a person wearing one though. It still has a very professional look due to the black and white combination and the buttons on the insert, although this one is worn with leggings and a white and gold printed scarf, which are more casual.


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