Miscellaneous Movie Festival Outfits

Before, I used to post outfits from various underground manteau stores, such as this famous photo showing off bright poncho coats from Poosh Designs.


However, now, since these websites no longer disappear at will and have become too numerous, it’s much easier to find such unique styles and to enjoy all they have to offer. I think I will create a post filled with nothing but links to those sites instead….so watch out for that in the near future.

Another source of cool styles used to be some movie festivals, such as the famous Hafez Prize, which yielded a total of two posts in 2014 (1, 2) showcasing some amazing manteaus which made some idiots seethe with envy and hatred. The next two photos also elicited the same reaction, although I am not 100% sure if they are from 2015’s Hafez Prize show or from a similar movie festival ceremony…therefore, this means I must post them!

This yellow manteau with black flower appliques was hated for two reasons: a) the leggings and high heels are fitted and stylish, and b) the yellow color was dubbed “screaming”. Makes me wonder what those haters do if they see dandelions on the ground…do they stomp on them because the yellow color is “screaming”?


This short white jacket over a long black coat or dress is an awesome new frontier in manteau style, and I applaud this girl for it!



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