Northern Autumn – Leaves and Stylish Outfits

I was busy with my birthday and many other things…now I have a little bit of time to post some great new photos. The two photos below are most likely taken around Valiasr Avenue, the longest street in the Middle East and one of the longest in the world. You can witness the classic Northern autumn (which is fast approaching, whether we like it or not), with gorgeous yellow leaves underfoot….and much awesome fashion.

How does the woman make this simple black manteau stand out? By pairing it with black leggings and a bright fuchsia patterned scarf showing off her dark hair, of course! It looks like she has some books in her bag..I wonder what they are…and her partner is carrying a little cup of coffee ( or tea?)..I wonder what it is too.


Against the backdrop of some older buildings, these three women look great in their white, burgundy, and dark sienna/burnt orange coats. The last of these is my personal favorite, due to its unique look.



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