Beige and Half Chevron Manteaus

Chevron print might be hot for the last few years, but surprisingly enough, this is the first time I see a manteau with any kind of chevron print! The style is quite interesting- the top half is black and white chevron, while the bottom is solid black. It provides a nice avant-garde contrast to the basic beige of the manteau on the left.



2 thoughts on “Beige and Half Chevron Manteaus

  1. […] These black manteaus worn at a car expo are both made brighter by flower prints- whether on the coat itself (brunette on left) or on the bag and possibly scarf (blonde on right). The coat on the left is actually an example of a brand new trend- what I would call the “half and half” manteau, a straight line one with a colorful or patterned top and black bottom, which makes it look like a blouse tucked into a skirt. I have already seen a picture of at least one more coat in the last week fitting the same scenario….as well as a half-chevron coat from a month ago. […]

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