More Walking Outfits

Yes, here are a couple more outfits from large walking events. The one below is very interesting- it consists of a stretchy manteau with a zipper closure and matching pants. Both appear to be black but also to have a dark purple tinge to them, at least in the outdoor lighting. The light blue diaphanous scarf is pushed back to show dark hair, and she is even talking on the phone while walking, an achievement of itself.


This outfit is an experience…of colors. It looks like the manteau is actually a beige blouse with some black patterns and a green and black open vest (or waterfall cardigan) worn over it. Add to this the black, yellow, and red geometric-print scarf showing off dark curls and the black and orange track pants, and you’ve got one funky outfit. And no, I still don’t like the “manteau and track pants” look. P.S.There is a nice yellow patterned scarf in the background- can you see it? This type of scarf has been pretty big for the last few years (see here and here). Nice to see it’s still going strong.



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