Three Awesome Manteaus and the Black and Red Combination

This photo is really nice, as it offers three awesome outfits in one! On the left is a navy coat, worn with jeans and matching canvas shoes, and a black scarf worn open and held up by sunglasses placed on the head got it, more beautiful hair exposure! On the left is an interesting flower-print tunic with a slightly baggy fit at the waist, worn with fitted beige pants, red shoes, and red scarf- I like this new combination of colors. On the right is an awesome black-and-red outfit- the open waterfall cardigan, open-toe sandals, and leggings (yes!) are in black, and the fully open scarf showing off awesome hair is in red.


Sometimes, I find multiple photos of similar color combinations one after the other…this is one of those times. Here is another black and red combination – black coat, red scarf, and, in this case, even red shoes. No leggings, but the pants are still pretty skinny. I can vouch that this combination is very effective- I have actually tried wearing a black waterfall sleeveless cardigan to work with a black top, black pants, red scarf wrapped around my neck to keep warm, and red flats, and people actually liked it.


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