White Brooch Closure Coat and Nose Bandage

This style of manteau is rarely seen, but it looks awesome- basically a long white fully open cardigan with a rhinestone brooch holding it together on the chest. The top underneath it is still fully visible, which is what I would look for. The famous nose bandage is here too- and this one could be real or fake. The interesting part of the outfit are the white gloves. These actually have no political or complex artistic statement behind them- from what I have read, the women that wear them do so to avoid getting their hands tanned!



3 thoughts on “White Brooch Closure Coat and Nose Bandage

  1. […] This navy blue coat and pushed-back snood outfit, worn in a park, is complemented by an interesting combination of accessories – a black visor and thin white gloves. The visor is worn, of course, to protect the face from sunlight, as can be seen in this post, and the white gloves are a tool to prevent the hands from tanning (this post also shows a similar outfit). […]

  2. […] These classical monochromatic student outfits (well, not quite…hunter green is rarely a part of student outfits, yet it is present on the girl on the left) are joined by yet another classical feature- white gloves, as seen on the girl in the center. White gloves worn with manteaus make no statement except that the wearer doesn’t want her hands to tan! You can see more white gloves with manteaus here and here. […]

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