Outdoor Flower Expo Styles

Unlike the other flower expos from which I have posted photos before, this one took place in an outdoor park setting, which allowed for some nice natural features and installations to be used…and of course, the outfits remained as cool as ever.

This mustard yellow manteau has beautiful dolman sleeves with embroidered edging, the jeans, black and white scarf showing off red hair, and multicolored flats are super-stylish,and the lake and bridge in the background add a serene feel to the whole scene.


A nice color combination is in effect- turquoise (manteau) and white (wide-legged pants and loosely draped scarf) with a touch of black (sandals) added. I rarely see turquoise and white worn together, but it looks great.


Underneath a cool umbrella installation, this couple walks happily, while a grey fully open manteau with an applique on the hem adds a unique touch. The rest of the outfit is all black, except for the scarf, which is a faded blue for some unknown reason..but the coat is still cool.



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