Flower and Diamond Scarves at the Co-op Expo

Not sure exactly what the co-op expo is…I guess it’s dedicated to specific cooperative formations of businesses dealing with various goods…but strangely enough, these flower-and-diamond patterned scarves were worn at this expo in various color combinations!

Here, the pattern is beige and brown on the rectangular scarf (with some striped inserts)..but also black and beige on the manteau’s sleeves (definitely a first- seeing the same pattern on a manteau and scarf worn at the same time!)….


..and here, the manteau is beige (with a thin old belt), while the scarf is silk, red and gold, and square (tied under the chin but still showing hair). By the way, how about that gold-framed, pink-satin-upholstered, classical Northern-style furniture? I find it slightly bemusing that even cooperatives, which bring a more artisan vibe to my mind, make this stuff..but I guess it sells.



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