Manteau Style at “Jurassic” Park and Children’s Fair

I thought the 2 photos go nicely together, due to the presence of adorable little3 boys and their super-stylish moms. The first one is taken at, believe it or not, a dinosaur-themed park in Northwest Tehran called “Jurassic Park”. You can see the mountains in this part of the Northwest are not as majestically snow-capped as in the pure North, and there are many antennas, but they still look impressive…as do the dinosaur statues and the woman’s beautiful sky blue manteau worn with a blue and white patterned silk scarf tied low and pushed back to show off red hair. The flower-printed bag is quite interesting too.


This photo was taken at a children’s fair, and the mom putting the little boy on the seat (swing?) is wearing quite an inventive outfit- the manteau is very long, falling below the knee, and navy with red shoulders and sleeves and paisley-ish prints on the hem. Of course, a long, straight-line tunic like this has to be worn with either leggings or skinny pants- the woman opts for the latter in black, along with matching flats and pushed-back snood. The tunic reminds me of my own long tunic with side slits, which is burgundy and navy checkered, semi-transparent, and simply awesome!



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