Transparent Insert Manteaus- the Newest Style

They’re finally here…and manteau haters are seething because these awesome coats are defining what the style truly is – so body-revealing and glamorous! They are all in black and all beautiful, as you can see below in this grainy image showing a coat with transparent panels on the sleeves (worn with a paisley scarf).


This coat has patterned lace panels on both the sleeves and hem, which gives it a slightly lingerie-inspired look, which means “bad-ass”!


As for me, I myself was so inspired by the trend that I mentioned it..and got a present for my birthday in the form of this awesome maxi lace cardigan.


The strangest thing is that apparently, these things became popular here because of the Kardashians….I do not care about any of them, so to me, it means nothing. I still think this lace cardigan (fully see-through AND open down the front) is awesome and represents a perfect example of manteau-inspired style. The only downside to it is that it is way too long for my shorter self, and so I have to get it hemmed….currently, it is not very practical in the colder fall weather, although I hope to get more use from it next summer.

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