Black Manteaus – The Classic Lives On

The classic black coat continues in all of its many incarnations, as you can see below. This one is with a slightly asymmetrically cut hem and worn with a bright fuchsia scarf and sneakers for contrast (and to draw attention tot he hair and face). The blue plaid manteau is nice also, since it is worn open or semi-open with a black long-sleeve top underneath and is paired with jeans with pink satin cuffs.


This coat has an asymmetric panel also, but with a zipper extending longer on one side than on the other. I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve seen something like this….but it does work. The classic black snood and pants are worn here.


The black trench coat worn unbuttoned is proudly on display here, and the red pants (matching the large bag) and beautiful silk scarf give a sophisticated feel to this look..this is similar to vintage styles from 2005 or so.


This black coat has embroidery on the front, also in black, which means it’s not as visible unless you look closely…but it looks great. Worn with brown silky leggings and matching scarf showing off platinum blond hair, this look is urban and modern.


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