Manteau Selfies Galore

So, I found a huge brand new set of manteau-themed selfies…actually, the title is a bit misleading, since a couple of the photos in the set are not even truly selfies, just girls posing for photos taking with a cell phone. Other than that, the styles in the set are pretty legendary, so enjoy them!

Many of the photos in the set below seem to be taken either at Water and Fire Park or Nature Bridge, which are both magnets for avant-garde manteau style and modern North Tehran landmarks. The photos below seems to be taken atop the latter – two girls wearing manteaus in identical shades of green are taking selfies simultaneously, and I really love the open scarf in the foreground with the long dark hair flowing beautifully down the back!


You can see the glass planetarium dome behind the girl, so you know this is Water and Fire Park. The selfie will look great with the dark blue manteau and lighter blue flower-printed scarf. The coolest thing is that this scarf is identical to the famous fringy flower-printed scarves from vintage 2003-05 style. I can’t believe it still lives on…but it does!


The most high-tech of all the selfies in the post, utilizing the selfie stick and a cardboard cut-out (I guess the guy must be a celebrity – actor? singer? athlete?), features a nice denim manteau worn unbuttoned over a white top and jeans and a white pashmina scarf. I am not sure which place this photo was taken in, however.


This “non-selfie” from the Nature Bridge features a light peach manteau and matching wave-printed scarf is pretty cool- yes, it’s a longer and looser coat, but it is worn with narrow jeans and thick platform sandals, which offset its baggier shape. The peach color is one of my personal favorites, although it’s rare to see manteaus in that shade. By the way, that awesome skyscraper behind the girl (beige building that looks like a mini-art deco tower from NYC, only with a Mediterranean dome on top) is called Pars Tower and is located on the glamorous Jordan Street in North Tehran.


This is a true selfie from an unknown location, done with a tablet instead of a phone, and features an ikat-printed coat with a red scarf. It’s nice to see the ikat pattern is still popular – I enjoy it, although I only have one top and one pair of leggings in it.


Another “non-selfie” (from the Nature Bridge) features a black loose manteau with dolman-like sleeves (it looks like there is a striped black-and-white top under it) and a brown scarf framing dark red hair.


Ah, the true selfie again, and looks like it is from the Nature Bridge as well…this interesting manteau looks like it’s composed of two halves – a blue/purple-ish plaid front and a black back. Strangely enough, it is paired with a diaphanous peach scarf. The colors do not go together, but the outfit is cool nonetheless.


The most inventive of all the manteaus in this set, this is an asymmetrical lilac tunic with black stripes and a solid lilac insert in the middle, worn with black scarf, leggings and flats. I have never seen anything like this before, and I am impressed! The decks behind the girl are without a doubt from the Nature Bridge.


The black-and-white checkered open manteau (or waterfall cardigan) is worn with black pants and scarf at an unknown location. I wish I could see more of the outfits..and I wonder why the girl looks depressed.


This is a family photo, not a selfie, on the Nature Bridge- the green coat seems to have a light checkered or zigzag pattern on it, and I love how the wide-legged green pants cover the sandals. The black scarf is pushed back to show the hair by the woman’s sunglasses, and of course, the kids look so cute (I especially love the little girl’s outfit).


The final photo in this awesome set is a selfie from an unknown location and features two girls, one in a longer black manteau sucking on a lollipop (and looking awesome while doing so in a red scarf matching her lipstick!) and the other in a cool black manteau with faded pink flower print and what looks like leather or vinyl beige strips on the front and sleeves (which have slits to show the elbows). She is also wearing black leggings and a brown scarf showing off her red hair, which look phenomenal.


5 thoughts on “Manteau Selfies Galore

  1. […] A long line of selfies from the Nature Bridge overlooking North Tehran is joined by yet another awesome selfie (involving a selfie stick, no less!). The blue trench coat is worn open with a red printed pashmina scarf tucked behind the ears to show off lots of hair, a maroon handbag, and black pants and boots. I hope the selfie turned out as great as the photo below. […]

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