Hello There Again!

As I posted a while ago, there are big changes in my family life, and because of that, my schedule at the moment is hectic, to say the least :-). Of course, this blog was probably the last thing on my mind, although I did have some spare time at least to find pictures from time to time! As we all get adjusted to our new schedule, I will start to post more regularly, probably in the early morning hours… so please bear with me! 🙂

I do not have a huge backlog of photos, but I do have some, so let me start with posting these outfits from a calligraphy expo…I like the yellow striped open manteau on the left a lot, even though it looks a little weird paired with a dark green scarf. On the right, the outfit is more generic – black coat and jeans- but the flower-and-diamond scarf draws a bit more attention to the outfit.



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