Student Outfits 2015 Edition

Back in 2011, I had a few posts (1, 2, 3) about the “reinvented” student outfits and the amazing accessories and colors they had to offer. Four years later, I am glad to say that not a lot has changed. The outfits themselves are still proudly worn (yes, even the “street style” worn by art students is still there), and you can notice another great thing…no more blurring of the photos!

Below, you can see one great example of the “street style” still being worn- green manteau (in its most meaningful and beautiful shade, no less) and blue scarf (no snoods at all), as well as the more classic student outfit involving a navy blue coat and snood, and an “avant-garde” student outfits, involving one of those “half and half” coats that became huge in 2015, in cream and black with a snood. The shoes are, of course, comfortable – sneakers or flats only, and the snood is black and shows the hair, as usual.


The classic student outfit in black, on the right is complemented by the modern student outfit on the left- an open blueish-grey manteau showing a black and white long top underneath. Actually,these styles were not even worn in 2011 as student outfits, and now they seem to be everywhere, which is pretty amazing.


The brown and black manteaus at either sides are again the more classic styles, while the fitted blue and white striped long cardigan is an example of the new student outfits. It looks like the cardigan has a high-cut hem as well, showing a black top under it.


Glad to see the student outfits are evolving and I actually hope to see more photos of them (without any blurred faces or derogatory comments)!


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