Rainy Days, Beautiful Outfits

Autumn rain showers bring beautiful outfits….such as this white quilted coat, worn with black pants, boots, and scarf (that shows lovely blond hair)….


..or this classic all-black outfit which is accessorized with olive scarf (or possibly, a hood from a hoodie which frames the face and red hair perfectly) and matching rain boots. I have to say, rain boots are not commonly worn with manteau styles- in fact, this is the first time I have found a photo with them!


Not sure if there’s a deeper meaning to this all-green outfit, but I think it looks awesome, even if the coat is getting a little wet!


This brown sleeveless tunic with writing on it is worn with matching leggings and long-sleeved sweater underneath, as well as a striped scarf- the style is unique and fresh!


This close-up allows for a better view of the tunic – it has lots of English writing on it (I can see the words “History” and “The freshest ever”) and looks rebellious, modern, and practical!



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