Media Expo Fashions – Part 1

This year, just as last year, the media expo produced a great deal of interesting fact, this year, it was even more, which means this post is split into 2 parts!

This classical fall/winter style features a short hoodie over a short (but slightly longer) manteau. As well, the girl wears a hood and a scarf (striped and multicolored), but the hair is still visible, of course!


The soft blush pink shade of the manteau is quite rare to see but it looks beautiful. The patterned pashmina scarf and the sneakers are also in various shades of pink.


A very interesting combination can be seen on this embroidered manteau – burgundy with yellow (matching a diaphanous yellow scarf). It’s quite rare to see it, yet the colors do flow well…


This girl is running wither a younger boy (brother, perhaps?) while wearing a black and grey checkered manteau with black leggings and ankle boots. Nice to see that the cold weather has not stopped the “manteau + leggings” style.


Probably the best outfits in the entire set are here – one hunter green trench coat and one red and black houndstooth trench coat with a black furry collar (two of my favorite elements in one!), both worn with black snoods pushed back and fully unbuttoned!


I still have a few more photos from this set and will post them tomorrow.


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