Fall 2015 Manteau Styles

These fall 2015 manteaus are characterized by classic fall muted colors (dark brown, grey, and black) and a conventional, straight-line silhouette. My favorites out of all of these coats are the brown leather coat (2nd from right) and the black long coat with the embroidered sleeves in the middle. I think the white manteau is a bit out of place here, but I suppose it’s nicer for the winter.


These two fur-collared manteaus are not only beautiful but also different from everything else…how? Look closely at the head-wear on the mannequins- these are beautiful warm HATS! The color of this coat is a mix of olive and mustard yellow, yet the hat is brown….


..however, for this amazing burgundy (wine? oxblood?) coat withe hat matches perfectly, and I like the side button closure, as it makes the coat look more elegant (the mustard coat was a bit too baggy-looking). I would definitely wear this outfit (with a warm scarf under the furry collar).




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