Scarves, Snoods, and Selfies in the Snow

Winter marches on, but the snow does not deter these girls from rocking awesome manteau style. Shielding themselves from the snow with a patterned umbrella, they rock amazing coats – one a grey plaid (possibly the famous Burberry pattern) and the other a “half-and-half” (these have been huge in 2015) in black and flower print.


Sometimes, it helps to wrap the face the protect one’s self against the cold and snow, as this girl has done with her blue scarf. However, the black snood must remain pushed back to show the hair! I do love the beige shawl collar manteau and the leggings and ankle boots…


And if you really love winter, you can always take a selfie in the snow, like these 4 girls are doing. The outfits are great- snoods, tall boots (black and beige), a beautiful Fair Isle-like pattern coat on the right…and even two “hat-scarf” combinations (although there may be a snood underneath them). Winter sounds not so bad after all… 🙂



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