Healthy Dust Masks and Manteaus

Unlike most of the photos with dust masks posted on here, these were worn not due to smog but rather to protect the wearers from the flu virus…and still looking awesome. By the way, all of these are not from the classic North Tehran locations  mostly from Kerman (western Iran)- quite impressive for a smaller city.

There’s a denim coat worn with a loosely draped brown scarf…


…and a black tunic with white embroidery paired with a red scarf showing off the front of a tall hairstyle ….



..and a blue trench coat worn with a snood over a classic hair cone (achieved with a huge flower pin)…plus check out those shiny nails!



I guess, due to the cold weather, furry coats make a rare but very interesting appearance in the post…here’s a nice black one with buckles on the front and a quilted panel on the bottom (worn with a pushed-back snood)…


…and the black coat in the front appears to be yet another half-and-half coat, with a velvet patterned and fur-collared top half and a leather bottom half- very cool! I do like the classic leather trench in the back as well.



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