More Christmas 2015 Shopping Photos

Happy New Year -2016! Unfortunately, the last couple days of 2015 were too hectic for me to post, since my husband was sick (I am very happy to say he is feeling better now). Now, here are a few photos from Christmas 2015 of girls shopping in awesome manteau styles…

Nice close-up of a girl in a puffy beige winter jacket and a blue and silver zigzag print scarf worn loosely to show off red hair (and beautiful bright red lipstick)…


The lighting makes this beige coat with a shawl collar look slightly more yellow..worn with black leggings, a snood tucked into the collar (yet still showing hair, of course), and tall beige boots, it is perfect for winter.


This is the best of all the Christmas shopping outfits of 2015- a soft beige wool coat worn over a white knit sweater and an open white knit scarf through which golden curls flow beautifully. The glamorous eye make-up is astounding too- love it!








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