A Whole Glut of Smog Mask Photos

These are the last 2015 photos I have, and I will be posting them over a couple days because there are just so many of them! They are all of various manteau styles worn with smog masks. Luckily, in 2016, so far, there have not been such dire smog situations, and I have no smog masks for 2016 yet!

First, here’s an open black manteau worn with a nice Burberry-print plaid scarf, black skinny pants, and beige sneakers. The interesting thing is the fitted black velvet manteau on the right, worn with a pushed-back snood. I have not seen too many velvet coats out there, but it does look classy and warm.


Here’s a close-up with a white puffy coat worn open with a blue scarf and a beige trench coat worn closed with a beige printed scarf. Smog masks adorn both faces (and the lady behind them is using her scarf as one).


Sometimes, only a scarf and a smog mask together will do, as in this case, where the woman uses her wide yellow knit scarf as a smog mask, and a snood is worn up. I do like the black leggings and burgundy ankle boots worn as part of this outfit.


This looks like a typical student outfit (black manteau and snood) with an interesting plum-colored sweater thrown on top…and of course, a smog mask.


Beautiful Eiffel Tower print scarf- I just love it! I wonder if this is a quiet tribute to Paris or if it’s just worn because it is so pretty. Other than that, this classic black manteau with grey edging is worn with jeans, smog mask, and a yellow scarf around the neck for warmth.


Stylish black trench coat is complemented by a blue printed scarf, smog mask, and a patchwork-printed handbag.



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