A Few More 2015 Smog Mask Photos

This is the 2nd last post with the 2015 smog mask photos…and what better way to start it than by posting a photo from the famous green and yellow fence, a site of many manteau style photos. This time, it’s a beautiful red coat worn with a thick red knit scarf and a black snood pushed back..and a smog mask (I guess it does not impede talking on the phone).


Here’s a grey and black plaid manteau worn open with a navy blue scarf thrown over one shoulder and showing off cherry-highlighted glossy hair..and a smog mask.


The girl wearing the mask is wearing a classic winter outfit – short puffy navy jacket over an olive green coat (and a pushed-back snood). Yes, it looks strange, but it is warm! Meanwhile, the blonde on the right is not wearing a mask but is wearing a classic all-black outfit and her scarf shows her hair beautifully.



Another winter outfit is shown here, with a heavy maroon fur-collared jacket over a typical black coat and pants combination.  A sure way to know it’s a winter outfit is to see the combination of beige printed scarf worn on top of a snood (and the smog mask). The great thing about these is that both are still pushed back sufficiently to show off red hair.


The black pushed-back snood and smog mask are worn with a stylish brown shawl-collar coat, slightly reminiscent of this manteau. There is also a dark grey or charcoal coat worn with a beautiful blue and beige ombre pashmina scarf and no smog mask.



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