A Selfie in the Snow With 3 Manteaus

This photo of a selfie in progress (selfie stick and all) comes from a ski resort but not from North Tehran or any of the Caspian ones at all, believe it or not. Rather, it comes from a resort called Sepidan which is close to Shiraz. Despite this resort’s relatively unknown status, the photo proves that it holds its own when it comes to fashion, with three awesome manteaus. The grey coat on the left has black lace-trimmed cuffs and is worn with a multicolored ikat-print knit scarf, jeans, and, most inexplicably, bright blue socks and black wedge-heeled shoes with cork soles (how summer footwear can be comfortably worn at a ski resort is beyond my understanding….). That said, the outfit is still pretty cool. The other two outfits are somewhat more conventional – a nice burgundy/oxblood/wine/Marsala/”whatever you wish to call this highly trendy color” leather trench coat worn with skinny jeans, pushed-back snood, and ankle boots, and a bright red coat (or possibly, a waterfall cardigan….it’s hard to tell) worn with black skinny pants, tall black boots, and two scarves, which are not very visible.



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