So Many Plaid Manteaus

This small set shows the many different styles and colors of plaid manteaus. The checkered pattern is classic and remains extremely popular in manteau style.

Looking at some beautiful hand-decorated and wavy-edged porcelain plates, this girl is wearing a true relic of manteau style straight from 2007-08 – the bubble-hem coat. It is quite a rarity in 2016 and is much appreciated. This grey plaid coat also has a beautiful fur collar and is worn with a pushed back snood and jeans.


Another interesting style of coat is seen here- a beige knee-length trench coat with blue plaid inserts on the sleeves and chest. The coat is worn with a brown patterned scarf, jeans, and beige and brown boots.


This girl is walking along a wall painted with some geometric shapes while wearing a bright purple plaid tunic with a white (or light purple? It is hard to tell..) scarf, jeans, and grey and orange sneakers. I can’t see the tunic from the front, but it looks like your typical button-down.


Finally, the most amazing of the coats in the post – the plaid poncho coat in grey and black! The poncho coat looks overall the same as it did in its heyday back in 2005-08, but this one does have slits and overlapping panels on the sides, which the classic poncho coats did not have. It is worn with very fitted grey skinny jeans cut just above the ankle and white and grey Nike sneakers…oh yes, and a black scarf showing hair, of course!


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