The Dust Masks Have Returned

Around this time last year, I posted a couple of sets  (see here and here)of photos involving dust masks being worn as protection from a series of sandstorms in the Southern city of Ahvaz. Now, once again, a sandstorm has arrived, and that city did not fail in providing some awesome manteau style photos. The couple below is amazing- I think they are married (judging by the ring on the woman’s finger), but I am not 100% sure. In any case, the fact they are holding hands so proudly is awesome, even in a supposedly more uptight (although I believe that is not quite true) smaller city, is amazing! I also love that the scarf is blown out by the storm wind to show off all of the woman’s blond hair..and of course, that coat.  Yes, this is indeed one of the ultra-rebellious and cutting-edge transparent insert coats. I am so happy that these coats are still being worn!


The little boy and the lady in the black coat with the printed inserts on the hem and sleeves are wearing dust masks (even a fairly heavy-duty one, in the case of the boy)..however, the woman in the blue coat with the white edging is not wearing any mask..I wonder why? She also wears brown sandals with black thin socks, which is a fairly rare sight (I usually see manteaus accompanied with sandals worn on bare feet).


Oh my – the dress manteau is still alive! In beige lace-like pattern, with rouched pockets, and paired with green pants and a black snood, this vintage staple continues to appear. I suppose the big sunglasses are good for protecting the face from as much dust as possible.


Classical student outfits (black pushed-back snood, black manteau, and jeans) look good with the masks too. I do like the thick platform sole on the shoes worn by the girl on the right.


Finally, the snood works as a dust mask too! This black and white manteau has an interesting plus-sign pattern and looks very modern and stylish.



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