Beige Manteaus With Black Leggings

Here are a few photos of various beige manteaus worn with black leggings. This coat is short and fitted to the body with a brown belt. The brown scarf drapes loosely and shows the entire neck and most of the girl’s hair.


This knee-length manteau is worn with a pushed-back snood, and the photo is fascinating – the girl is having a chat with a young man in a blue-walled courtyard with some graffiti on the walls. I wonder what they are talking about and what kind of building the courtyard belongs to. This is one of those photos about which you could write a whole story.


Finally, this is a waterfall cardigan manteau with some red lines on it, worn with a black long-sleeved top, ankle boots, and blue printed scarf (possibly one of those calligraphy scarves?).


All beige manteaus look great with the leggings, no matter the style of the coat!



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