Street Art Installation Festival Manteaus

These outfits come from a festival of street art installations…here’s a girl taking a photo of some art, or perhaps, a selfie, while wearing a black manteau with a beige jacket on top. A shiny black snood is pushed back to show off equally shiny auburn hair, and her sneakers are a bright brilliant red!


Here’s an actual participant in the installation creating her artwork and looking phenomenal in a short striped tunic worn over a blue long-sleeve sweater. The boots are brown, the scarf is multicolored, and the earrings are globe-shaped. Overall, it is a great artistic outfit!


Out comes the selfie stick…and this is the first time a Minion has made an appearance on this blog! The navy coat with quilted cuffs looks amazing with the printed silk scarf- my only complaint are the beige canvas shoes, and only because I personally find such shoes extremely uncomfortable. The black coat worn with the beige pants and blue scarf and socks looks cool as well….



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