Shopping at the Flower Market

Spring brings flowers and great photos of manteaus at flower markets! Each photo here features different kinds of beautiful flowers – unfortunately, I am not an expert on flowers and do not know the names for most of them.

Yes, this is an open sweater coat with a Fair Isle-style pattern, worn with a black top and pants and a red scarf draped loosely over one shoulder.


I LOVE the green scarf below with the chain is stunning in all ways (the color, the print, the material, and the way it is tied low under the chin).  The scarf is worn with a a black coat with elbow-length sleeves over a brown long-sleeve top, and a quilted bag compliments the outfit.


The black coat below has an embossed flower pattern and is worn with a beige shiny knit scarf atop a somewhat tall blond hairstyle.


Finally, you can see that winter staple, the parka manteau, still being worn, since the temperature has not increased quite high yet, I guess…..the green patterned scarf is cool though.



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