Market Shopping Set

Here are a few shots of awesome outfits from various markets. Ther first two are actually night photos, and this green knit manteau with the furry collar and fur-edged hood is stunning. I myself have a green sweater with a huge furry collar which I LOVE! The woman is shipping for t-shirts, and her silk patterned scarf is tied fashionably low to show her blond hair.


This woman is carrying some groceries from a market in a navy blue double-breasted trench coat with big brass buttons and a purple patterned scarf. Her red hair seems to be very shiny – perhaps, it is just  because the photo was taken at night.


Wow…inventive outfit for sure! Check out this grey tweed manteau with multicolored stripes on the elbow-length, slit sleeves (white long-sleeve top worn underneath) and on the pockets, worn by a woman buying some greenery in a basket. The bright orange scarf reveals gorgeous blond hair, and the blue “cat’s eye” sunglasses give an air of mystery.


I think this woman is shopping for some blue ceramic dishes….and her white manteau has embroidered cuffs that match her scarf, made up of multicolored panels, perfectly.


Finally, the black coat is not very visible in this picture, as it is covered by a huge red patterned pashmina and an equally huge turquoise necklace. The necklace is certainly the best part of the whole outfit. I am not sure what the woman is buying though..looks like figurines.




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