Fire Jumping…and Looking Gorgeous

I love this set – so many beautiful outfits, and jumping over bonfires is always awesome!

The black manteau below is worn with a huge green scarf with some embroidery on the edges..and despite the scarf’s huge size, it still shows hair is held by the girl like a shawl (with one hand). On the left, a girl in a brown flower-print dress manteau, beige pants, and flowery socks is looking pretty cool too.. even though the red satin scarf does not match anything else in her outfit.


This beige-gold satin trench coat is amazing…perhaps, that is because I have a short hip-hop-style jacket made of this fabric, and I LOVE it!


This looks like a grey and white plaid manteau with a short-sleeve black cardigan worn over it, although the purple scarf covers most of this outfit. The black leggings are looking cool though.


This is pure amazing style- black dress manteau, black leggings, black loafer-style shoes, and a leopard-print shiny scarf. This is my favorite print, and combining it with black clothing never disappoints.



Finally, here is a short-sleeve denim manteau worn with black leggings and flat shoes, and I love how the woman proudly holds the man’s hand as they fly over the bonfire and how far back her scarf is positioned. By the way, those are some awesome blue acrylic nails!




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