A Couple Styles from the Flower Market

Below I have a couple outfits worn at a flower market…this girl is watering flowers in a black manteau with brown leather straps on the sleeves that are used to regulate the sleeve length. These kinds of coats were very popular a few years ago, and it’s nice to see them still being worn. I find the mauve satin scarf with the huge flower print really cool also.


The photo below shows too outfits – one a navy blue manteau worn with a pushed-0back black snood and the other an olive-colored suede coat with a black-and-white paisley scarf….


…in fact, I liked the latter outfit so much I even found a close-up of it. Note that the girl has a picture of a flower on her phone case and she is taking a picture of a flower with the phone…cool, huh?



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