Egg Sculpture Painting Exhibit Outfits – Part I

Eggs are a universal symbol of spring and rebirth, so it is only right for me to feature photos from a contest involving the painting of huge egg sculptures with various beautiful designs!

This amazing black and white coat is covered in an octagon-like pattern and worn with a classic black pushed-back snood….and my jaw dropped when I saw the gorgeous lady painted on the egg, as she looks positively regal!


Another black and white coat in one of my favorite patterns, houndstooth, is worn with a light blue long-sleeved top underneath, blue jeans, brown boots, and a black scarf draped loosely. This egg is of a more abstracted and very colorful variety.


OMG….the fringy scarf just made an appearance in its classical black and red incarnation! It’s wonderful to see these scarves still being worn in 2016, especially since they went through their heyday back in 2005-06 and then became quite rare. The girl wearing it also wears a bright red coat and has her hair streaked dark burgundy reddish, and the egg is being painted in simple black and white tones.


This is the only photo from the set where the egg being painted is not visible..just the girl in her navy trench coat unbuttoned to show a bright patterned tunic and jeans. The coat has coffee-colored knit cuffs…or, maybe, there is a sweater underneath it that is not visible. The beautiful brown scarf decorated with rhinestones is my favorite element of the outfit.


First, the fringy scarf showed up…now the poncho is here- a beige knit open poncho coat with elbow-length sleeves which is worn over a longer blush pink coat. Black pants and long sleeve top and a beige scarf complete this ensemble. The egg the woman is painting shows a beautiful green-haired girl with blue eyes…very cool!


Finally, here is a colorful outfit with plenty of unmatching elements- puffy short purple jacket over a brown manteau (classical winter/spring style), flower-printed jeans (in white and pink, a very spring-like combination), black and pink sneakers, and a brown and pink striped scarf showing red hair. I think the whole color scheme actually goes nicely with the green spring motifs on the egg!


Stay tuned for part 2 – more beautiful eggs and more awesome outfits!


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